David Fulde

David J. Fulde is, at his core, a storyteller. Having recently been named one of the 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide by Lürzer's Archive - he is based in Toronto, ON, his primary disciplines being a Portrait and Fashion photographer, as well as a post production worker in the film industry. Originally from Nova Scotia, David went to film school in 2010. Afterwards he took it upon himself to create a new piece of media every week for almost two years – an attempt to learn and grow and keep that momentum going.

David’s history in the film industry gives him a unique voice in the photography sphere: Telling stories through his images, and lighting his photos in cinematic and eye catching ways. David’s worked with 500PX, Disney, Scotiabank, and now that he’s been published in the 200 Best… He’s just getting started









1 (647) 784 1773