Shooting people with a wide-angle lens

Everyone always says that to do portraits you need an 85mm – maybe a 50mm with a wide aperture, to get separation from the background and to look flattering. One thing about my photography is that I am constantly experimenting. I'm trying to learn and grow and, basically, fuck around until I find something that works.

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David Fulde
Collaboration is a team effort

Sometimes, when shooting everything fall apart and you have to rebuild it all. And sometimes, like this past Sunday, the stars just... Align. A few months ago I was assisting on a shoot and met the super-talented Make-Up Artist Brianna Bisson here in Toronto and wanted to work with her ever since. Recently she posted that she had some time free for some creative work and I jumped on that chance and pitched her an idea that had been swirling in my mind for awhile. A person sort of getting ready for the day, holding angelic and devilish masks with the idea behind it being sort of deciding how to attack the day, choosing how to portray yourself.

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