It's a brand new site!

It's been a lot of work (procrastination) but... Brand new site! I still love my job as a Colorist but I felt that, to keep my site active, I want to concentrate more on my photography side of things so I revamped the site to reflect that

I was very careful to curate which images would be in front - something that will be changing when I have a new shoot, or whenever I feel like it. The site will always be changing and growing and I will do my best to keep this place updated (Including a new project I'm working on with other photographers! shhhhh) 

As you can see I've removed the 'contact' page, and replaced it with my contact information being at the bottom of the home page so that it is easier. I really wanted to target cleanliness and let the photos speak for themselves! Explore and let me know what you think!